Vykdomas priėmimas į bendrojo ugdymo klases

Mokinių ir tėvelių dėmesiui

nuo 2020 m. rugsėjo 1 d. kviečiame mokytis
į 9 ir 10 klases (I ir II gimnazijos klases).


Suaugusiųjų vidurinis ugdymas

nuo 2020 m. rugsėjo 1 d. kviečiame mokytis
į 11 ir 12 klases (III ir IV gimnazijos klases)
pagal suaugusiųjų vidurinio ugdymo programą.

Prašymus galima teikti el. paštu: priemimas@mazeikiupm.lt

Smulkesnė informacija tel. 8443 20483

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Kompetencijų vertinimas karantino laikotarpiu

Švietimo, mokslo ir sporto ministerija parengė mokinių įgytų kompetencijų vertinimo pakeitimus karantino laikotarpiu.

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A modern school of vocational training.
Our school is modern and open to the public, integrates into Lithuanian and European educational system, orientated into demand and interests of the region, the change of infrastructure and expansion of educational system.


Open and modern institution with vocational training and secondary education.
Young people of all ages may study in our school. The majority of them are the students with lower secondary education. Education lasts for three years. We provide both general education and vocational training. The most part of the training is spent at school. All students have 7-8 lessons per day, and once or twice per week they have vocational training in school workshops and laboratories. After the second year, the graduates have to pass three school leaving exams: Mother tongue and two other exams. Students are allowed to pass final technology exam, too. After the second course examination students are awarded by General Certificate of Secondary Education. The last year of studying students have only professional subjects and practical training. Graduates have to pass final exam of qualification at the end of the year. After the examination they are awarded by Certificate of Qualification.


Mazheikiai Polytechnic School was founded in 1976. Only 240 students started
vocational education in Mazheikiai on 1976. Its primary task was to prepare qualified workers for the Oil Refinery Factory and for Building Companies. The foreseen specialties were machinists of technological equipment, welders and operators of oil products. Later the school started to train and prepare electricians, wide-profiled builders, carpenters, dressmakers, etc. The name of the school was changed several times. Now it is Mazeikiai Polytechnic School.
In 2000 Viekshniai agricultural school was attached to our school as a department.
In 2008 the school was accredited the secondary school program.
The principal is Mrs. Vida Lumpickiene from 2010.
The viceprincipal for general education is Stase Cupkoviene,
The viceprincipal for practical training – Rimantas Pocevicius.


There are 81 teachers and 748 students at school now.


There are plenty of extra-curricular activities in our school, sport is the most popular one. We take part in the Republic competitions. We also have our favorite celebrations such as The Day of Knowledge, The Open Doors Day, Career Days, Teacher’s Day, etc.
Much time students spend in our school library. There they can find all necessary
material to do homework, make projects and communicate as well.
There are two students’ hostels not far from the school. The best students get the scholarship for good learning and attendance.
School publishes its’ own newspaper “Zvilgsnis”.

Programs and Projects

Nowadays students’ and teachers’ from our school successfully participate in international Leonardo da Vinci exchange programs and other projects. Due to EU programs our school has close connections with Lithuanian and foreign partners when implementing innovative training methods, creating mutual training programs, rising qualification of teachers’, motivating students to have traineeship abroad. Project results, such as training programs, methodical material, personal experience, new ideas are used for development of vocational training, rising teaching qualification.


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